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Sean's Story

Updated: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 07:02:22  


3yrs old 

7 yrs old


This is Sean, He is 7 years old and has lead poisoning. He was diagnosed in July of 2003, when he was 3 years old. His initial finger stick came back with a blood lead level of 27 ug/dL. A venous test showed a level of 40 ug/dL, 4 times the normal allowed level.

Normal blood lead level is anything under 10 ug/dL. A blood lead level of 20-44 means the child has had moderate lead poisoning. Sources of lead in the child's environment must be remove. Some children at this level may need chelation therapy to remove the lead from their bodies.

In Sean's case, we were able to establish the lead contact as the paint from the exterior of our home. We were always  with Sean as he played outdoors to make sure he was safe. Little did we know he was being harmed by an invisible health hazard. He was poisoned by simply breathing in the air in our back yard and playing with his toys.

The day our home was tested, to see where the lead came from, it was scheduled to be power washed  to prepare for painting. Had this happened, Sean would have been severely poisoned from the fall out from the lead dust. As well as our other son and neighbor children. We shudder to think the outcome to Sean if this had taken place.

Sean, after 4 years of testing, has finally reached a BLL under 10ug/DL. For over a year and half Sean had to have monthly blood work until his lead levels were under 20 ug/dL. Sean has had 42 blood tests in the past 4 years. He still has a few more to come, but hopefully we will be finished with lab work soon.

Sean, like most children, had no visible symptoms of his lead poisoning. We will not know the full damage Sean received from the lead for years to come. He is the reason I founded IPAL, so that other parents may learn of the dangers of lead poisoning and hopefully prevent it from happening to their children.

I hope that this site answers some of your questions in regards to lead.


Brenda J. Music, Founder of IPAL